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Understanding Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury goes Retrograde about 3-4 times a year depending on how the year falls. It’s April, that means he’s back up to his trickstery ways – listen for more information on Mercury Retrograde. You can also refer to some of my past articles where I talk about Fluorite and how this crystal can help you in the time of chaos.

Your April Astrological Dates so you can mark your calendar!

  • Mercury Retrograde ~ April 1st – April 25th
  • Solar Eclipse (New Moon) ~ April 8th (Eclipse Portal Closes)
  • Full Moon ~ April 23rd
  • Mercury Retrograde cycle won’t conclude until next month in April

The Eclipse Portal is a two-week time period starting with one eclipse and ending with another eclipse to close it out. This is also a time of change when anything is possible and can happen.  I like to call Eclipse Portal’s “Buckle Up Buttercup” times as we expect the unexpected. Know that whatever happens during this time, it is for your highest good and our spiritual evolution.

Our mischievous friend Mercury is back to his trickster ways as he officially goes Retrograde (Rx) on April 1st. If you can during this heightened reflective time, show yourself some compassion as you might be spacier than normal. This is also a time where communication may not be on point, so double check information and have patience with all of your encounters during this time.

Later this month we turn back to some of our routines and rituals connected to crystals and charging them with the moon energy. Anytime after April 11th would be when you can return to doing these type of rituals and of course the most potent is during a Full Moon.


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