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Sit and really absorb this statement...

Everything has energy and holds energy.

High and/or low vibrations, positive and/or negative energy can easily become attracted to people, objects, and spaces –  basically, anything that holds energy can become enhanced or inhibited depending on the energy that it encounters. 

Energy is what supports life!

This includes plants, people, places, thoughts, beliefs, situations, crystals, food, cars, spaces, animals, and much more.

The Power of Healing

Tory Saks, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Usui System of Natural Healing & CERTIFIED CRYSTAL HEALer, CRYSTAL ACADEMY OF ADVANCED HEALING ARTS

I’d like to help facilitate your healing with the power of crystals and Reiki. Interested in learning more? I’d love to share my passion with you. I can help you live a higher vibrational energy life, whether through my products, in session, or helping you to cleanse and clear your space. Reach out to learn more! Sending you good vibes! ~Tory

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what is reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a combination of two Japanese words rei and ki meaning universal life energy. Reiki is an ancient laying-on of hands healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, balancing the subtle energies within our bodies. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances. Reiki is considered a bio-field therapy, a form of energy therapy (energy healing). The Reiki practitioner serves as a vessel (or conduit) that supplies healing energies where they are most needed.

Reiki embraces the strengthening aspects of Western medical treatments and supports the body in addressing the treatment’s unbalancing aspects. Reiki is always safe, with no bad side effects. Reiki will never undo the benefits of a medication or a medical procedure but it does support recovery from those side effects. A reiki treatment for example, can reduce the amount of stress hormones in the blood that incline the body to hold weight, can create gradual detoxification, refreshed sleep, create hormonal balance, and become more in-tuned with one’s body.

Reiki can be given in person, virtually via Zoom, or infused in anything that carries and hold energy like products and food.

what is a crystal healing?

Crystals are placed on the body similar to other ancient techniques and art forms to facilitate healing – in this particular case, through the ancient art of laying stones on the body and in the auric field (think your personal space). During a crystal healing session, I am invoking the crystalline energy, which are gifts from Mother Earth as I view them as an extension of her energy and the earth element.

Crystals vibrate at a much higher frequency then we do – the frequency of love. They are able to assist us by raising our frequency and vibration to assist with the healing process.

Working with crystals is very powerful, be open to receive, and see what you are ready to release. I work with a variety of crystals during each session, depending on what you need in the moment during that session.

Crystal healing sessions have the power to be very therapeutic in nature and can be used to delve deeper into a limiting belief,  past or future lives, suppressed memories or situations, reoccurring patterns in your life, ancestral work, inner child healing, and much more.

Crystal healings can be facilitated in person or virtually and I offer two types of crystal healing sessions. After each session you will receive notes emailed to your from your unique session.


Everyone’s experience with crystals and Reiki is different because we are all different. Each session is unique just like you and me! I always like to say that you aren’t the same person as you were 5 minutes ago or even when you came to my website!

These are just a few benefits that my clients and I have seen with receiving these very healing modalities: mental clarity, assists with PTSD treatments and healing, increase’s one’s energy levels, assists with the healing process after surgery, helps support the body’s immune system, clears your auric field, aligns your chakras (both your major and minor), cuts cords, reduces stress, promotes relaxation, reduces pain, reduces depression, reduces anxiety, assist with sleep, and much more!

I look forward to helping you clear your path to new beginnings!


Remember that I am not a doctor, please do reach out with any questions and do any additional research you feel you need to to learn more.


Clear your body, cut cords, and balance your chakras and energy.

Every session is customized to fit your individual needs. You simply decide what it is you want to work on and let the healing power of the crystals and/or the Reiki help you release what no longer serves you from your body, mind, and spirit. Sessions may also be assisted with essential oils, flower essences, and sound. Here are just a few of my offerings (below), click on the “Book An Appointment” button to check out my full list of offerings and services!

Please review my Cancellation Policy and Consent for Treatment.

Reiki Treatment

Lay down and allow yourself to receive the healing power of Reiki to help you cleanse and clear what no longer serves you! This self-care session is a great way to take time for you and to re-connect with yourself, especially in this hectic world. Be open to receive!  $135


Crystal Healing Session

Close your eyes and go within as the crystals do the work to help you find more peace within yourself and in your life! Tory places the crystals on the body and invokes crystalline energy. After your session you will receive an email of what stones were used for you to continue your practice with crystals.  $188


Crystal Healing Session

In this crystal healing session you will be placed in a similar state of mind as a hypnotherapy session.  Depending on your intention for the session, a different therapeutic technique will be used with the assistance of the crystals to assist with the healing process. Reiki and sound may also be invoked during your session. After session you will receive an email to continue your practice with crystals and learn what stones were used in your session. $233


Frequently asked questions

In whatever is most comfortable for you. Some clients come in yoga clothes, while others come in what they have worn to work. For a crystal healing session it is recommended to wear white or a light-colored shirt. It is okay if you do not have one! The most important things is that you feel comfortable!

Yes, you can! You do not need to be fasting before or after your session. It is recommended to eat a high protein meal after a crystal healing session.

These treatments will only aid in your wellness journey, and work with what you are already doing. Crystal healings and Reiki will not affect any current medications or other treatments you are currently undergoing.

Some people need to go home and take time for themselves, while others will feel like they have more energy than they have had in a long time. You know you and your body best. Please listen to your body and do what feels right for you.

I will always check on you the next day; that is very important to me! Remember to hydrate and drink lots of water not only during your session but also on the following day. You are going through a detox process, and water helps to flush out everything that your body is releasing. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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