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Hola! I’m Tory Saks, a crystal healer and reiki practitioner who also imports reiki infused olive oil from Spain.

Read on to learn more about me and my journey!


¡Hola y Gracias por venir aquí!

Tory Saks is a certified Reiki Practitioner through the Usui lineage and facilitates Crystal Healings certified through the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts. She also incorporates sound and tones during her sessions. Tory has been leading an Ayurvedic/holistic lifestyle since 2016. She also imports extra virgin olive oil from Extremadura, Spain that is Reiki Infused. Tory believes that the body has the power to heal itself and is constantly communicating with you, you just have to be willing to listen. She also received her Bachelors Degree from Indiana University. Tory can’t wait to help you clear your path to new beginnings!

My Journey

I started dancing from a young age, taking ballet for about 12 years until I joined the dance and drill team in high school. There are still times when you can see me dancing and humming in the aisles of the grocery store. These are times when I am at my happiest. After graduating high school, I went to Indiana University where I majored in sports marketing and management. You could say that Jerry McGuire might have made more than just a lasting impression on me growing up. Who doesn’t remember “Show Me The Money?!” At that time, I was living and breathing sports. Growing up I went to baseball games with my dad, and you could almost always find me sitting in the den watching a football game (really yelling – I once kicked the dog out of the room for claiming he was not rooting for our team…) Going to college in-state wasn’t even a thought that crossed my mind. I’m a traveler by nature, I love what I encounter and learn when I travel, and I love going to those little hole-in-the-walls that are really local treasures.

Instead of taking trips to Disney, our family went to Paris, France during school breaks and for that, I am so thankful. By the time I had attended college I had already spent time doing interchanges and spending time in Germany, Sweden, and Brazil. I still can taste that first caipirinha and hear the music – it takes me back now. Yum!

After college, I moved back from Indiana and the Midwest and went to work for various marketing agencies, first in experiential marketing for accounts like Michelob ULTRA, GORE, and United Healthcare; from there I received the opportunity to diversify a little bit and I broadened my experience in database marketing. Database marketing was truly magical.

While I was working in experiential marketing, I discovered Ayurveda and I like to tell everyone who will listen that I looked healthy on the outside but at the time I was taking a lot of different medications and nasal sprays, but I knew that my body was trying to tell me that it was not in alignment. The wake-up call came when I went to the allergist for an allergy test and was dealing with another sinus infection and they told me that I was very close to needing allergy shots at 28. I remember thinking to myself that going to the allergist at least a couple of times a week just was not an option for me. There HAD to be another way. The body has the power to heal you and is constantly communicating with you, you just have to be willing to listen.

That’s when I was lucky enough to have Ayurveda (literally meaning “the science of life” an ancient medicine system from India thousands of years ago), enter my life and I was able to start changing the way and what I was eating to start healing my body, mind, and soul. This occurred about five years ago, and I truly believe a guardian angel was looking out for me. From there I transitioned into a more holistic lifestyle choosing to focus on incorporating quality products and ingredients that help feed both the body and the soul. I believe in treating the whole person and body not just a part or system but really getting to the root cause of what is causing the disease and distress.

I incorporated yoga back into my life and even took some yoga immersion classes, went on a yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico where I first encountered Reiki (meaning Universal Life Energy originating from Japan and is a powerful way to move the energy and promote healing in the body).

After moving from one marketing agency to another I knew that there was something missing in my life and soul. I was on a quest to find my soul – as I realized that my human body was physically in one place but that my soul and spirit, was somewhere else.

I was regretting not living and studying abroad. I had always wanted to learn Spanish and after 10 years of being out of school, I had nothing to show for this bucket list dream and was ALL talk. After joking with my mom that I was going to move to Spain, she asked, “Why not?!” I thought “OK, I am going to do this!” So, I quit my job, packed my bags, and moved to Spain to learn Spanish and immerse myself in the Spanish culture and travel…and so the adventure began! What started out as something I was only going to do for 3-6 months, turned into living abroad for over 15 months starting and ending my time in Extremadura, Spain (in the Sierra de Gata) and weaving my way from Sevilla to Salamanca (and almost everywhere in between).

Thank you for visiting my website, my goal is that you find something helpful or positive to take back with you. 

Tory Saks
What started as wanting to show people ways to use their EVOO turned into my own lifestyle website.
Tory Saks is an online space full of positivity and love, and of course 100% of my authentic energy (which has a tendency to be unfiltered most of the time). 

There is already plenty of negativity and negative energy online, and I refuse to contribute to that! At you’ll find information, and hopefully a laugh or two! In any case, I hope you leave feeling lighter and brighter.

Sending lots of light and love from this crystal obsessed, food lover, namaslayer, world traveler, and Spanish soul.

Abrazos y Besos,

xoxo Tory

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