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The Spanish Tostada

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A dish that transports me back to Spain – especially during breakfast or for a mid-morning pick me up…I already can see myself back there!

I was seriously missing Spain so after we made our delicious rosemary sourdough bread I knew one way to cheer myself up or “ánimo” as we would say in Spanish school was to get cracking on the famous Spanish Tostada.

The Spanish will often times have this for either desayuno (breakfast) or their mid-morning snack depending on their schedules. If I was out traveling or just wanted a change of pace from my normal breakfast routine I’d order this – the Spanish Tostada. Of course, there are many different versions, my go-to tostada has bread, olive oil, grated fresh tomatoes, and jamón.

Here’s where things get tricky! Jamón is something of much debate in España. Some will say jamón serrano while others will say only eat jamón ibérico. Personally, I prefer the jamón ibérico, it could have something to do with living in both Salamanca and Extremadura where jamón ibérico is known to be raised. When you travel throughout España don’t be surprised if you see hanging hams all around you. It was always so funny to hear my fellow students talk about taking home one of these hanging hams and figuring out how they were going to get their jamón in their suitcases.

Hanging Hams
One of my favorite restaurants from my time living in Sevilla. I love sitting at the bar and gazing at those hanging hams!
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The Spanish Tostada

This recipe makes as many tostada’s as you would like! You just need to have the ingredients ready.


  • Slices of jamón or meat of your choice*
  • 1-2 pieces of sliced bread, make more if you’d like!
  • Aqua et Oleum’s premium extra virgin olive oil
  • 1-3 nice juicy tomatoes (whichever variety you prefer)
  • Optional – additional salt to taste
  • Optional – any additional ingredients to add to your tostada. I’ve been known on occasion to add some avocado.

**Note – I used slices of salami and jamón, however, jamón ibérico is a little bit harder to find here in the States, you could always substitute for prosciutto or some of your other favorite meats.

You don’t need a lot of ingredients to have an amazing dish with flavor - only premium ingredients!
You don’t need a lot of ingredients to have an amazing dish with flavor – only premium ingredients!


  1. Slice up one to two pieces of bread, if not already done.
  2. Place your slices of bread in the toaster and lightly toast. I used fresh bread and didn’t feel like toasting my bread. The choice is yours!
  3. After washing your tomatoes, grate them until you have a nice amount for your tostada.
  4. Once your toast is ready, place it on a plate, then drizzle with Aqua et Oleum’s premium finishing extra virgin olive oil, then add the tomato mixture and spread it over the bread.
  5. Finally, take your sliced meats and add them to the tostada. If you’d like feel free to add additional salt or olive oil to the tostada.

There you go – take a bite and enjoy, maybe with a coffee if you’d really like to do it the “Spanish way.”

Spanish Tostada
Now close your eyes and take a bite of some of this goodness…are you in España yet?! I know I am.

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