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Spirit Quartz, your crystal for Winter!

Winter officially arrives with the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter is the time of rest, if we look to nature as our teacher and resource for the rhythms of life we notice the stillness maybe even the quiet that starts to settle in. Animals are hibernating, trees are bare from leaves, it’s a time of reflection and contemplation. The most passive time of year, the most feminine/yin time of year. The darkness we have been preparing for in Autumn/Fall has finally arrived in all of its mystery.

This is the continuation of the Vata season in Ayurveda ruled by air and ether, we notice more dryness in the air reminding us to eat more nourishing, grounding, and warming foods like cinnamon and ginger, maybe even warm or hot lemon water and soups. In Chinese Medicine this is the time of Kidney/Bladder organ system associated with the colors black and/or blue. Both of these times in these Eastern medicines correlate to fear and anxiety that can be more present during this time of Winter.

As a crystal healer, one crystal I love working with personally and with clients is Spirit or Cactus Quartz. This is a crystal that I think is so helpful during this Winter Season. We all have spirits and spirituals bodies, we need to not only connect with these parts of ourselves, this winter time is also a time of spirit and connecting with our ancestors. This stone is for the brokenhearted, assisting us to become closer to spirit. It helps us merge and integrate with the higher self, assisting with purification, it’s a protective stone in this vulnerable time of year. It cans bring us freedom from fear and spiritual evolution. It is the stone of alignment, especially as we transition from season to season this can be hard.

This crystal harmonizes the meridians, chakras, aura, and the physical body. Especially as there are social festivities and situations during the Winter Season here in the Northern Hemisphere – this is a stone to help with fear of social situations and helping one be less shy.

I hope you fall in love working with this crystal as much as I have. I like to say that all crystals have their own personalities just like you and me. These are always one of my cheekier crystals, assisting to uplift us at all times. Listen to my podcast to learn more about my friend Spirit Quartz!



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