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Selenite, my reco for January!

Happy 2024! Learn all my tips and tricks for working with Selenite and how it can help you in January and throughout the year. Use it at home, work, or on the go!

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Connecting to this Summer Season

Summer is still with us until we hit Fall Equinox. Here is some information to help you through the Summer Season. Watch this before, during, or even after to see how you can make changes for the better in your life!

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Opening the Heart Chakra

In this episode Tory gives you all the ways you can help open your heart space and the heart chakra to bring more love and light into your life! This includes color therapy, crystals, Vedic Astrology, essential oils, and much more.

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Crystals for the Heart Space YouTube

Tory shows you all of the crystals she commonly uses for the heart space and the heart chakra when working with her clients and in her own personal practice. Cultivate more love in your life by working with one of these powerful crystals! Check out her YouTube to learn more.

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