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My March Crystal Spotlights

A few crystals for Spring ~ Amber and Citrine

As these are stones of the yellow ray, it is helping to bring in more solar and masculine energy into all of our bodies – the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Why work with Amber now?

Perfect to help with those pesky allergies, sinuses, and the kapha dosha. Especially useful for the liver, it is also tied to the Wood element as you can often find parts of living trees inside the crystals. It’s a stone of renewal, activates life force, it’s energetically cleansing/clearing, and purifying.

Just a little bit of information about Citrine.

Use this crystal to help detoxify the body, let go of fear, bring in more vitality and vibrance into the auric field. It’s a great stone for abundance, prosperity, manifestation, creative work, new possibilities, and helping to birth new potentials. It’s a stone to lighten our dark thoughts and to celebrate the small joys of life. Want to work with Citrine this Spring season? Purchase your very own Citrine crystal here.

I hope you enjoy working with these crystals as much as I do whether now in the Spring season or when needed!


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