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My Belated February Update…

Hope you all had a fantastic February month! You might have noticed that I took the month off from sending a newsletter. To be honest, I just wasn’t in the space to send one out. Last month, even though we welcomed the Lunar New Year and the transition from the Water Rabbit to the Wood Dragon, I was in a space of deep grief, super protective mode, and nesting in my home.



Even though for a lot of January and February outwardly I wasn’t doing much, inwardly I was making space for some big shifts. I decided to simplify my life more by integrating my olive oil company into my Tory Saks brand, going from two companies to one. Aqua et Oleum is going away and once I come up with a new name and design, I will keep you posted along the way. In the meantime, you can still purchase this fabulous olive oil through my new Shopify Shop website of Reiki Infused items or stop by my healing space to pick up in person!



Coming to this decision was not easy, but one that I needed to do for me. As I started to untangle the inner workings of the company that started me on this journey of being an energy worker/light worker, the grieving process started to take over. Grieving the loss of hopes and dreams that I had when I moved back from Spain and started this company about 3 years ago. Grief is such a humbling process and one that we are constantly going through whether that be a relationship, loss of a person or pet, where we thought our life would be (hopes/dreams), or collective grief.


During this time, I needed complete stillness to come to terms with this loss for me to then make space for this new direction. I want to thank all of you for your support along the way and allowing me this time of quietness and deep reflection (quite fitting during the winter season) as I came to terms with these impactful changes in my life.


As Spring is on the horizon, I too was able to emerge from my cocoon and start venturing out more, like the bear coming out from hibernation. Click here to read more about a new offering from my grieving process.


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