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March Astrological Updates

We have the first New Moon of the month on Sunday, March 10th, the same day as we Spring Forward (don’t forget to change those clocks an hour earlier). This is also a great time to check in a notice how you are starting to settle into this year of the Wood Dragon from last month’s Lunar New Year!


Squeezing in between the two major lunar cycles for the month we have Spring Equinox on Tuesday, March 19th. Hello Spring and thank you for showing up! Rounding out the month we have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse taking place with the Moon in Virgo on Monday, March 25th. This is quite a potent time and the official Eclipse Portal Opening.



The Eclipse Portal is a two-week time period starting with one eclipse and ending with another eclipse to close it out. We typically have two eclipse portals throughout the year. The next one will be around Fall Equinox in September and October. It is not recommended to put your crystals out under the moonlight during any of the moon phases during an eclipse portal as this is a time of karmic, dharmic, and destiny changes. This is also a time of change when anything is possible and can happen. As our lives are already chaotic enough, and crystals are one tool to help us with not only manifestation but also grounding, centering, and healing, we do not want to bring more of this chaotic energy into our lives if we can help it. It’s also a time to go internal and reflect and listen to what is needed in your life. I like to call Eclipse Portal’s “Buckle Up Buttercup” times as we expect the unexpected. Know that whatever happens during this time, it is for your highest good and our spiritual evolution.


The other reminder for the month of March is that our friend Mercury also starts his pre-shadow dance in the retrograde cycle at the beginning of March. He doesn’t officially go retrograde (Vedically in the sign of Aries and then Pisces) until April, however, being prepared beforehand is always helpful so you can lock in those contracts, communications, and travel plans ahead of time.



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