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Celebrate Life’s little moments with our Space Opening!

Spring has officially sprung here in Texas! I know I am excited for the warmer temperatures and seeing the sun shine brighter which leads to more time outside.

In nature and in our lives the season of Spring represents:

  • New Beginnings
  • Birth/Rebirth/Youth
  • Hope
  • Renewal
  • Aliveness
  • Planting “the seeds of potential”
  • Shedding the darkness and heaviness
  • A time to get more greens in your diet
  • The Phoenix rising from the Ashes
  • Creativity and that of creation


The Spring Blooms at the Arboretum

This year the season of Spring also commemorates something very special in my life – that of my new space opening! What first started out as a place for me to give my Reiki services when I started to outgrown my mobile Reiki practice has led to building and creating a space for the community. Community is something that Yvonne (my partner in crime in this new endeavor) and I are hoping you will find at this space, when you enter it, when you arrive for a workshop, offering, or Reiki.

This coming Sunday, April 10th from 1:00 – 4:00 pm, Yvonne and I cannot wait to officially unveil our space to all of you! It has turned into more than just “our space” but our labor of love. As we are so looking forward to sharing this space and our work with the community, to better serve everyone. That is just one of the reasons Reiki is so special, it’s classified as an alternative medicine meant to help and spread the light.


Our plant growing outside our new space!

We invite you to our space Grand Opening Open House, where you can celebrate this momentous occasion with all of us. Something I learned during my time living in Spain, life is WAY too short and time flies faster than the blink of an eye. You know what that means?! We must celebrate ALL of life, both the little, minute moments that don’t seem like a lot as well as the bigger moments too. The idea is to celebrate, connect, and share these beautiful moments that life gives us.

Come by to get to know us, or catch up if you haven’t seen us for sometime, get to know our space and what we are all about. Bring whoever you’d like – the more the merrier! We will have light bites and drinks by the one and only Chef Joey who has put together a really fun menu. I went shopping with him today and boy was I getting excited.


Shopping with Chef Joey for Sunday’s event. Look at the yummy food!

If that doesn’t get you excited enough to come say hi, we will also be debuting some new bundles to help you in your everyday life as well as other NEW goodies. Honestly, the fact that I haven’t told you what all new merchandise we have and created is amazing because keeping these items under wraps has been hard for many reasons. 1) These items are TOTALLY AWESOME and are great for anyone 2) I’m way TOO excited about them and of course I want to share all of this fabulousness with all of you – because as my family knows, I love to say, “Sharing is caring.”

So, I’ll see you on Sunday right…if you can’t come on Sunday, you can always reach out to me and check out my online website and/or schedule a Reiki session. I’ll be updating it will more items after the opening.

I also ask that if you can’t stop by on Sunday and help us celebrate and make connections, that you find something in your life to celebrate and connect with others in your own way. That way I’ll feel like in some way we were creating this bond of connection occurring this Sunday, the day ruled by the Sun.


I’m enjoying the beautiful blooms all around me and the vibrancy coming to life!

If you want to take it one step further and honor more sunshine and Spring vibes coming into your life you can…

  • Wear the color yellow or light a yellow candle
  • Take care of a plant or plant new seeds in your garden
  • Work with lemon balm (have the plant, smell it, or drink it in tea form – this is actually one of my favorite’s)
  • Experiment with essential oils like orange, sage, and lavender
  • Drink dandelion root and nettle herbal teas (I’m also a huge fan of combining peppermint and nettles – nettles is also great for inflammation and those pesky allergies.)

I’m excited for you to start welcoming Spring into your lives and I’d love to hear how you are embracing this season of Spring.

xoxo Tory


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