Tory Saks

Whole Picture Podcast with Brit Witkin featuring Tory Saks

Meet Tory Saks, certified Reiki practitioner and importer of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from Spain. Tory and I hit it off from minute one of the meeting, as you’ll hear…
In this episode we talk all about how Reiki found her, what Reiki is, how small energetic shifts over time can take you to places you didn’t ever think you could go, and:
  • her experience with Ayurveda
  • how she works with energy in and outside of her practice
  • She’s also a seeker like me, so you’ll hear about all the places her curiosity has taken her

Links & resources mentioned:

✨ Five Minute Journal –
✨ Tory’s website –
✨ Gratitude! 3 items in the morning, 3 in the evening

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