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Upcoming Class Offering ~ Grief Circle

As I mentioned in my February belated update I was going through quite the grief process as I was letting go of my olive oil company and merging it with my healing lifestyle brand. From my grief something beautiful was birthed in that I am working on a new offering that I am calling a Grief Circle. This is something that has been around in tribal cultures for centuries and something we have unfortunately lost here. In tribal cultures these circles were constantly going on and taking place to honor and meet people where they were at – whether they were grieving the loss of family/friends/pets, loss of health, loss of hopes and dreams, loss of relationships and partnerships, loss of business(es), etc. Wherever a member of their culture did not feel whole in they would hold space for these individuals to honor, witness, and acknowledge where they were. Stay tuned for more information regarding dates, times, and locations. This will be a 1-hr. in person offering. Feel free to reach out as I continue to curate this new offering that will happen on a regular basis.


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