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Happy New Year and Welcome 2022!

Hola! I can’t believe we’ve just closed out 2021 and are already entering this really sweet, amazing energy that is 2022. I have to say this past month has been one where I felt like I have had to buckle up because you are going to ride this roller coaster of a wave that was December. I’m doing some backflips now that we’ve entered 2022 and have the Saturn/Uranus square, Venus/Pluto conjunction, and the first January new moon in our rearview mirror.

Did everyone else eat their grapes and wear red underwear in the Spanish style for bringing luck and prosperity into this New Year like I did? I don’t know where these traditions started in Spain, but I have to stay that I still love participating in them. I remember eating grapes or uvas (twelve in total) for the first time in Plaza Mayor in Salamanca. Once the bell strikes 12:00 am/midnight, you try to eat all twelve grapes by putting one in your mouth at a time before the 12th stroke of the bell. I loved seeing all of the small containers with grapes ready for you to partake in this little ritual and watching everyone in the square gobble up their grapes to ensure they would have a prosperous and good new year.


The other New Year’s tradition I learned about after celebrating my first New Year’s in Spain is their tradition of donning red underwear to bring luck into the New Year. It’s a pretty big tradition in that families and friends often gift their loved ones with a pair of red underwear for Christmas or the holidays so that everyone is ready to have a prosperous New Year. Others don the red underwear because they want to find love. Either way, I love this tradition and am all about wearing red underwear to bring in the New Year. I’m ready as my nails are almost always painted bright red to bring me luck, so what’s the difference?! It’s secretive, which is nice, so people don’t necessarily know unless you share it with others, just like I did.

Being from Texas, a southern tradition is to have black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day to bring you luck. As an equal opportunist, I continuously partake in this ritual; remember, for next year, a little black-eyed peas action goes a VERY long way; in my opinion, this is not the tradition to get overly excited about and make an abundance of peas. I remember one year, I got WAY too excited about black-eyed peas, and I was stuck with black-eyed peas for almost a week! They went with every meal; I even made tacos with them because I was desperate to eat them all.

Those black-eyed pea!

Upcoming later this weekend is our own curated wellness pop-up, which will be happening this Sunday, January 9th, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. It’s a great way to kick off the New Year, right? As you might or might not know, I’m really into numbers, and the number 9, the exact date of our Pop-Up, is said to signify spiritual healing, and I hope that happens for you if you attend our event.

Wellness Self Care Pop-Up

This is also a great excuse if you need to get away from all of the football games…can I hear a “Honey…enjoy the game, I’m going to a Self-Care Wellness Pop Up.” I am so excited about this event! Besides having some amazing items in store for you that are going to help you start the year off right, we also have some amazing women who are participating in the event, and the space is just perfect! We have been planning this for some time, and it is finally here is a little surreal. Either way, plan to stop by, as we’ve got an energetic group with something for everyone.

I’ll bring you all my six different Reiki cards: my love and light card, cord-cutting card, healing card, Law of Attraction/abundance card, my space clearing card, and finally, my clearing card for the human body. I’ve also partnered with my friend and Reiki Teacher/Mentor, Yvonne Futch, on some truly powerful space-clearing starter bundles. When I say this is powerful, this is no joke! These are some of the same practices we use when clearing our spaces, and we’ve both reinforced them with Reiki energy. That means Reiki times two! I love these kits, and they’re a great way to dip your toe into the power of crystals. After clearing and cleansing your space, house, office, or car, you will notice the difference. Don’t worry. These kits also come with instructions, so you won’t be fumbling in the dark trying to figure out what to do!

Yvonne Futch & Tory Saks
Tory Saks + Yvonne Futch, Reiki Infused Space Clearing Bundle

We will also have other products infused with Reiki energy for you. I’m currently wearing some of the gemstone bracelets we will have on hand for you to purchase that we’ve infused with Reiki energy. Each bracelet has different crystals to help you on your path. Stop by on the 9th to see which gemstone bracelet suits you!

Reiki Infused Space Clearing Bundle + Reiki Infused Gemstone Bracelets + Tory’s Reiki Cards

I’ll also have extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) on hand. We will have olive oil samples and my mom’s delicious rosemary olive oil sourdough bread for you to taste with the olive oil unless you prefer to shoot your olive oil samples. Did I mention we will be selling her bread, too?! I am excited about this; this bread is super tasty – you may or may not have seen the recipe on my website, and it’s made with love! You can grab a loaf and then try your hand at making a Spanish Tostada to feel international. I haven’t talked much about this olive oil – my bad, nevertheless, this is REALLY high-end olive oil, like some of the best, they don’t call it liquid gold in Spain for nothing! I’m not just saying this because I’m the importer of this exquisite olive oil, but if you’re still unsure, stop by and try a sample. I’d love to hear what you think. This olive oil comes from Sierra de Gata in Extremadura, Spain, from Cacereña Manzanilla olives. Extremadura, both the land and the people, is a truly hidden gem, and this area of Spain is about 30 minutes from the Portuguese border. This olive oil comes from the first cold press, ensuring you get the best healthy product possible. I’ll do a separate post on the olive oil, as I could go on for a while about this goodness. Besides the olive oil, our other products are artisan-produced and hand-crafted, and each one is unique. No two look alike!

Aqua et Oleum Products

As if that doesn’t sound like enough reason to stop by and check it out, we will also be giving mini sessions of Reiki, Sound Therapy, Akashic Record Readings, and Acupoints with essential oils. Honestly, there is so much awesomeness that will be had here, I’ve probably left something out, but that means that you HAVE to stop by. To stay updated on all the latest and greatest for this event, check out my social media, where I’ll bring you the most up-to-date diets and intel. If, for whatever reason, you can’t come out and see us, we will be taking orders – so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

If I haven’t told you in person, via text, email, or social media, I wish you a Fantastic, Happy, & Healthy New Year filled with much joy, happiness, love, and abundance. And honestly, who doesn’t want to hear Happy New Year more than once, I know we can not have enough well wishes – at least I’m all for additional well wishes.


xoxo Tory

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