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Crystals for the Heart Space!

Welcome to February – the month of love! I firmly believe that love is something there just is not enough of in the world and is something we can work on not just this month but every month and every day. This post is all about what crystals I use to open and bring more love and light into the heart space and the heart chakra.

In this month of February, with us celebrating Valentine’s Day, remember that Valentine’s Day is not just for those in relationships, it’s for love of yourself, your family, friends, community, Mother Earth & Father Sky, the Divine, your pets, the sky is the limit!

Typically crystals that are used for this space are of the green and/or the pink ray – as these colors relate to the heart chakra (the 4th chakra in the traditional chakra system and the 5th chakra in the crystal healing system), however, I’ve added a few I use that aren’t of this ray as I place crystals where they need to go and are right for each individual. Remember we are always changing just as our energy is changing so what might have worked before may not work now or in the future.

Without further ado here are some of my favorite crystals to use to help with the Heart Space and the Heart Chakra (note that the heart chakra is located in the middle of the chest for both men and women.)


Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz – the heart chakra stone, OG, this stone is used to bring more love, compassion, and forgiveness into your life. This stone also helps to heal wounds in this space (the heart) and bring the individual more peace. This stone is of the pink ray.



Kunzite – this is also of the pink ray, it opens the heart to energies of love – radiating love for all, animals, plants, minerals, etc. It opens one’s heart to the Divine and Divine love to help you become one with Universal Love. This is a stone known for gentleness, serenity, and kindness. This is a great stone to give as a gift! This crystal will help bring more joy into one’s life and open’s your heart to the emotion of joy and to be able to receive more joy in your life. It also releases walls that you may have up around the heart space. This stone also show you the value of celebration.


Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine – this is of the green ray, it is a stone of optimism and zest for life. It helps one move forward with confidence and brings feelings of lightness. This will help you look at the bright side of a situation. It helps with manifestation, healing the physical and emotional. It is the stone of renewal, regrowth, and soothes emotional wounds. This is considered the stone of the 4th chakra in the crystal healing system. This is known as the stone of good luck and prosperity. This stone can also help with any cardiac issues and assist with recovery from illness and surgery.


Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper – this helps with the enjoyment of life. This stone helps to release negativity and stress. A stone of joy and high spirits. It will lift one’s mood and positive vibrations, shows you the blessings of life. This is a very soothing stone, I like to use this on myself and clients when they have neglected their selfcare and need to re-connect with themselves.



Lepidolite – this stone is used to help calm frayed nerves, it helps to release stress and worry. It activates the heart chakra. It is a stone of the season of Autumn as it helps us accept our lives (the time of acceptance and working to accept things in our lives is the Autumn season). It brings calm to emotional stormy seas, it is the stone of serenity. It encourages others to see the beauty in everything. It dispels negative thoughts, resentment and envy. It also releases past emotional trauma and is excellent for children. This is a very powerful stone to counteract grief, fear, and other traumatic (emotional) frequencies.



Celestite – gentle uplifting energy. It is a great stone to help communicate with one’s guides and guardian angels. It is also perfect to trust in the process of the divine. I love to have Celestite by the bed and in the bedroom.



Malachite – this stone emanates the healthiest energy pattern for the heart space. It helps to harmonize the emotional heart and heart chakra. It is a stone of transformation and is used to maintain emotional balance. ***This is a very powerful stone, if you are new to crystals, I recommend working with other stones first and build up to Malachite.



Chrysocolla – is the stone of the feminine, emanates gentleness, and harmonizes and balances the heart chakra. It is also the stone of the Goddess. It helps to link the throat chakra and the heart chakra. This stone also facilitates the expression of our heart’s deepest truth. A lot of times you will see this mixed with Azurite or Malachite.



Chrysoprase – this stone creates a deep heart connection and love for Mother Earth. This helps you to forgive past relationships and provides emotional support and strength to the physical heart. It brings hope to the darkest regions. It helps prepare the heart for a new relationship. This is also a powerful love attractor. It expands the heart chakra and allows one to receive the infinite love and abundance of the universe. This will also help one identify patterns and habits in relationships.


Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline – this stone centers energies at the heart chakra and harmonizes with the heart space, especially the physical heart and the body. It aligns the heart field providing calming and healing energies.



Rhodochrosite – this stone directs love for the self – this is more internally for the individual working directly with this stone. It helps to release one’s emotional wounds (i.e. severe shaming), it cleanses, and soothes – healing the energy field around the heart space. It is the stone of joy, beauty of Nature, inner peace, self-forgiveness, healing the inner child. It also emits tender and loving energies, helping the individual take action from the heart space without fear. This can also help one express love and affection.



Rhodonite – this stone means Rose in Greek. This stone assists with the desire to love community, self-worth, and experience the fulfillment to be loved. This assists one with directing their loving energy outward into the world.

If you’d like to learn more about me, book a session, or have questions about crystals, feel free to reach out to me here. I can’t wait to hear how you work with crystals this month and use them to help open your heart space and the heart chakra.

In case you forgot – I am a Reiki practitioner, I also facilitate healing using crystals and sound, and I import extra virgin olive oil from Extremadura, Spain. I can’t wait to help you clear your path to new beginnings!

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