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Connecting to this Summer Season

Summer is still with us until we hit Fall Equinox. Here is some information to help you through the Summer Season. Watch this before, during, or even after to see how you can make changes for the better in your life!

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How I work with Peppermint Essential Oil!

I love working with Peppermint Essential oils! Half the time I smell like peppermint myself. If you are looking for ways to stay cool or just experience the power of essential oils then this is a great video for you. Check out this video on some of my tips and tricks! Remember I’m not a doctor so plan to do your own research and you may want to start by testing this essential oil on a portion of your skin or using a carrier oil. Remember you know your body best, it’s always good to listen to your body!

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Summer has arrived…now what?!

Summer has finally arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere with the celebration of Summer Solstice a few weeks ago, marking the longest day of the year, the most active time of year, the day with the most solar energy, and masculine or yang energy. With the warmer temperatures we look to change some of our daily habits, including our eating habits as we transition from the spring season to the summer season. As we enter this summer season – I wanted to give you some ways that I like to honor this season and connect with the changes and evolution

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