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Wellness Summit featuring Tory Saks

Tory has been asked to be a part of a Wellness Summit, an online event taking place on October 25th & 26th. She will be specifically talking about Crystals. Her segment is called Fall in Love with Crystals! She is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with everyone and see how your relationship with crystals grows! Other speakers will be talking about Energy & Business, Tarot & Oracle by Intuition, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Clutter, Astrology, Human Design for Life & Business, Intuition, and Functional Medicine.

The cost of the 2-day Zoom event is $27. You can Venmo Tory @Tory-Saks to secure your spot and purchase directly by clicking the link below. Each attendee will receive a recording of the event afterwards if you are unable to attend a speaker or want to go back and review. (Note that the recordings will only be available 15 days after the Mind-Body-Spirit Summit). 

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Crystals for the Heart Space YouTube

Tory shows you all of the crystals she commonly uses for the heart space and the heart chakra when working with her clients and in her own personal practice. Cultivate more love in your life by working with one of these powerful crystals! Check out her YouTube to learn more.

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