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Hello you beautiful souls!

Let’s take life by the horns this week! Spring is trying to come through as it plays tug of war with winter, and we enter into the month of March. Us Texans hope a more consistent month with the weather as we haven’t been sure if it will be 30 degrees or 70 degrees when we wake up in the morning.

With great excitement I am finally ready to announce the launch of the openings of my online (website) shop and my Etsy shop. As you all know from getting all of my updates the evolution on this path has been something I’ve been working on for some time and I am finally ready to burst open these doors to you.

It is my hope that these products will not only help you in your everyday life but also on your path along the way. I will be adding more products along the way, however, I didn’t want to delay this announcement coming to you.

Reiki Cards – Collect them all!

Right now, you can purchase my six different Reiki cards, each infused with a different intention depending on what you are looking to bring in and manifest into your life. If we were in person, I would fan out the Reiki cards face down and have you pick, knowing that this was the one you needed the most. As you can now purchase online, instead I would invite you to go with the card that you are most drawn to in that moment. That’s what you need the most! The great thing about these cards is that the Reiki energy stays for the life of the card. I carry a couple of cards around in my purse (I also have some in my house and car) and if I need a little boost, I’ll pull out the card I feel that I need and read the affirmation to release the Reiki energy and then maybe put it on my body. Once you get these cards, do what feels intuitive for you! That’s what you are meant to do.

Did I mention that these Reiki cards are great gifts?! I love sending greeting cards and I have designed these so that you are not only giving someone something special either in person or in the mail, but also sending powerful Reiki healing energy as well. I have specially priced to be the number 9 which is a derivative of 3 as the number 9 is known for spiritual healing and 3 is a very powerful number as well.

Tory Saks + Yvonne Futch, Reiki Infused Space Clearing Bundle

As I have mentioned before, I have partnered with my friend Yvonne Futch, and we have brought you these powerful space clearing kits. People continue to tell me how grateful they are to have these and how much it has changed the energy in their space and caused not only more positivity to come into their lives but also forward motion. I truly believe every person and/or space would benefit from having this addition to their life. This isn’t a one and done as clearing a space is completed as needed. We are also working on other bundle offers, you just wait ?.

Reiki Infused Gemstone Bracelets

We also have Reiki infused gemstone bracelets. For those that have meet me in person you know how obsessed with crystals I am. I have literally had people come up to me asking about my bracelets because I wear so many. I firmly believe that each crystal can help us in some way. Depending on what you are trying to manifest that crystal bracelet is meant for you.

Tory always wearing a ton of bracelets

There is something else to note about working with crystals. One – it’s essential to set an intention with them and open up to their power. Two – it’s also important to understand that this can manifest in different ways depending on whether you are wearing this crystal or simply placing it in your pocket on your left or right side. Your left side is your feminine side/energy, and this is what you are looking to receive. Your right side is your masculine side/energy, and this is what you want to give to the world. Everyone has a feminine and masculine side, feminine and masculine energies; that makes us who we are. I invite you to place the bracelet on either wrist intuitively, and that’s what you are meant to do for the time being.

Reiki Tonic

Finally, we have the Reiki tonic (a pickup-only item), which is perishable. Yvonne and I have worked on this formula, and Reiki Juice inspired it. It also has the lovely extra virgin olive oil in the blend. This stuff works, and it is truly powerful! I remember having some of this in my fridge, and I was feeling blah…I took a shot of the Reiki Tonic, and then BAM! A jolt of energy came my way. Try it for yourself!

If you are local to the DFW area, we do have a few pickup locations so you can save on shipping; if not, purchase and then get excited for these fantastic items to come to your front door and mailboxes.

More exciting developments will come soon; I am humbled to share this journey and excitement with all of you. If you want to learn more about each product, head to the shop area, where you can read all the product descriptions. Happy reading!

Kick butt this week and be your authentic self!

Sending light and love,

Xoxo Tory

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