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Taste & Shoot

I am so excited to be introducing more people to the extra virgin olive oil that I import and then infuse with Reiki healing energy from Extremadura, Spain. Meet Amy Orchard, get to check out her Photography studio, grab some photos of yourself, and of course try and pick up some olive oil for yourself on Thursday, April 4th from 7:00 – 9:00 pm in Dallas. If you haven’t tried this olive oil you and your body is missing out!

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Crystals of the Green Ray

Spring has sprung! If you are wanting to work with this spring season, then look no further than this video. I take you through the concepts of the Spring Season to give you a foundation and then we dive deeper into the crystals of the green ray.

These crystals include Green Aventurine, Bloodstone, Chrysoprase, Jade (Green), Moss Agate, and Peridot.

I firmly believe that crystals have the ability to help us heal, they have helped me on my path.

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