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Selenite, my reco for January!

2024 is FINALLY here! Can I get a Whoo Hooo!!!! Man was the last few weeks of December both intense and slow moving with that Mercury Retrograde. I am so happy we have entered into 2024. Of course, with Mercury’s influence it was taking we longer than normal to figure which of my crystal friends I wanted to spotlight this month. Then my friend Selenite kind of hit me over the head and I was thinking “duh!” Gotta love when the universe sends you all sorts of signs!

Selenite is probably my number one crystal (it’s really hard for me to rank them as I do consider crystals my friends,) it’s safe for everyone to work with and I think it’s a crystal that everyone should have in their toolkit of crystals depending on your relationship with crystals, whether that be just picking up a crystal for the first time or gridding your home and working with them for years.

This is also a great crystal to spotlight for the month of January as this is a time when we are starting to “clear out the clutter” especially as we get closer to Spring and purging what maybe didn’t serve us the year or month previous. Read on below for some of the ways that I like to work with Selenite and how it can help you in your everyday life.

  • It’s a crystal that can clear energy, toxins, debris, and pain. Selenite is actually one of the crystals that can cleanse other crystals and doesn’t have to be cleansed and cleared (although) I still recommend you doing this. I use this to cleanse different spaces and during some of my healing sessions.
  • It’s a protective crystal. Use this to protect your home, office, or even your dream state and bedroom. Place it under the bed or on the window seals to assist with creating a protective barrier.
  • Bring more light into your life! Selenite is associated with the Soul Star Chakra aka Halo Chakra located about six inches above the head. It is a crystal that can help bring light back into all of the bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body) especially during this darkest time of year (Winter).
  • It helps with physical pain. The striations of the raw form of Selenite help it to move energy and toxins through the body at an accelerated rate. I take this to bed or use it in a client healing session often for headaches, tummy aches/digestive pain and bloating, and for actual pain in the body like trauma and accidents.
  • It’s a crystal that helps charge up, amplify, and activate other crystals.

These are just a few of the ways that I work with Selenite. You can find it in my Space Clearing Kit and some of my other products and offerings. Don’t walk but run and grab your Selenite crystal to help you this 2024 now! Listen to my podcast to learn more about this special crystal.



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